Friday, September 28, 2018



The entire philosophy and worldview of America’s Democrat party can be summed up as: “Obey!” “You will do what we tell you to do. If you don’t obey, we will be unrelenting in our attempts to smear, punish, or harm you.”



This, if you haven’t seen it yet, starts out pretty tame but becomes pretty dramatic.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


China + Communism

...Pure evil.

Put on a happy compliant face and obey.

(I’m sure America’s “progressives” are jealous that they didn’t think of this first).

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Project Veritas

Peeling back the poison onion.

‘Can’t say it enough; the real rebels, ...the real “resistance,” is decidedly NOT the nest of pampered leftist parasites that dominate the apparatus of state.

Sunday, September 16, 2018



...Enough said.

Friday, September 14, 2018



In America’s past, the legitimate president and government was simple to discern. They were the one’s elected by the country’s citizens according to a set of established and agreed upon rules. A Democrat certainly wouldn’t object to election results where they won the electoral vote though not gaining a majority of popular votes. The electoral college system allows non-coastal / non-urban American’s to actually have a say in elections (too bad that isn’t the case with media and culture). The electoral college issue is just one of the many concepts that current progressives cite when claiming that the current president is somehow illegitimate. The new “progressive” / Democrat view of legitimacy has now morphed into a simple formula — if you disagree, you are not legitimate.

This bizarre formula has resulted in a non-stop call for impeaching a president who has done nothing wrong. Of course the complaints will continue — “Russia,” “racism,” “mentally unfit,” the whole litany of straw-grasping attempts to overturn a thus far rather successful presidency.

Republicans still largely hold the view that their opposition simply has a different opinion. They disagree with that opinion strongly but they recognize the Democrats as their — legitimate — traditional opposition. The Democrats, on the other hand, having become extremely radicalized of late, genuinely believe that their opposition is illegitimate. In their mind Republicans have become extremists because they continue to hold the same basic views on government that they have held for at least decades — smaller less centralized government, lower taxes, and concern for the country’s security. They are now described as “racists” and “fascists,” and are in league with foreign powers (Russia) to block the righteous path laid out by Obama and other deep state schemers.

When viewing the typical Democrat response to any Republican policy, one might ask the Democrats, “what exactly is an acceptable — legitimate — opposing viewpoint?” For decades now, the Democrats and their enablers in establishment media, have basically anointed themselves as the arbitrators of what is permissible on the other side of the aisle. In a primary election, John McCain (a “maverick”) was acceptable...until the election against Obama, during which he became “Hitler.” The same held true for Mitt Romney. Moderate to liberal republicans are allowed to run but no one even a centimeter on the right of the spectrum is permitted to actually win.

In accepting a Supreme Court nominee, there are no qualifications that are good enough for Democrats. Adherence to the letter and the spirit of America’s constitution is seen as disqualifying. Overriding the constitution for the sake of the progressive “revolution” is the only value worthy of acceptance. Everyone simply must obey.

Twitter last week, temporarily, deemed the phrase, “illegal alien” (an actual legal term) to be “hate speech” and grounds for temporarily shutting down an account. If they were honest, they would have simply said, “we at Twitter believe in open borders and the words used to promote that stance. If you disagree, we will stop you” — everyone must obey.

My beliefs are pretty fervent. I like America’s unique constitutional republic. I believe in limited government. I would love to shut my opposition down but, if I actually supported that, I would be an asshole, and a bit more authoritarian than I’d like to be. The left, and their powerful institutions in establishment everything, don’t seem to mind being authoritarian and, they certainly don’t mind being assholes.

After all, they are the only legitimate voice. You can only disagree agree. Now, bow down before us, lowly plebeian.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Now You Know Why the Establishment, Deep State, and Tech-Socialists Want to Shut Down Breitbart and FOX News

Tucker Carlson is a very big thorn in the side of the leftist industrial complex .

Saturday, September 08, 2018


The “Unhinged Unstable Unpredictable Crazy Man” in the White House and...

...the methods vs results quandary.

This week we have two big anti-Trump screeds in the news. Hardly a novel thing. An “insider” among Trump’s senior staff and famed “Watergate journalist” Bob Woodward have penned more of...the same. There are only so many ways one can say they hate Trump but the “resistance” (drones of obedient statism) keeps plugging away.

What exactly has Trump done wrong?;

Apparently he’s rude, unpredictable, and unorthodox — go figure. Who would have known.

Among recent attempts to smear the renegade president, Woodward’s book carries a little more weight because...(?) He’s supposedly a “respected” journalist. But that’s like saying, a “respected lawyer” — is there such a thing? True, unlike the Omarosa pulp fiction book recently published, Woodward’s tome is no doubt more polished and at least feigns some believability.

As advertised, Woodward’s script sounds like it may be a good book. But it also sounds basically like all the other establishment books about the Trump White House. Some of the gossip in it may even be true (though highly embellished) but there is clearly something notably lacking; Is it really possible for a guy to create a successful business empire, become president of the United States and, in a span of less than two years, accomplish virtual miracles while all along doing nothing right? Really? We’re supposed to believe that?

For those with longer memories, this plays like a repeat of Ronald Reagan’s media coverage. A thriving economy and stabilized international system equals failure while, in a case like Obama’s or Jimmy Carter’s, a sclerotic economy, international chaos, self-deprecation, and defeat are a gift from the wisest and most noble. And, don’t forget, the presidents previously mentioned...had good manners — they knew when to use the salad fork.

We’ve had presidents who are touted as models of stability, decency, and intelligence and, what did we get?

The real choice people should be considering is; do they want a level-headed predictable professional “statesman” who continues the subservient march toward surrender to global aurhoritarian bureau-elites and economic demise or, an outsider who these very elites continually describe as unhinged but in a matter of two years dramatically increases the economic vitality of the country, the strength of its foreign policy, and the honoring of the country’s constitution in a limited government where citizens are secure and prosperous? The coastal elites will continue to favor decorum over action and bureau-constraints over freedom.

Among the pervasive critiques of Trump’s shortcomings are the constant suggestions that he is literally crazy, and therefore fair game for removal from office.

Every time a conservative, or anyone who isn’t decidedly left wing, achieves a position of power we are told they are crazy in one way or another. Unpredictability and temper are noted as sure signs of literal insanity, which would of course mean that we are all insane. In keeping with leftland’s critique of everything, the former Soviet Union famously sent people to mental institutions for the insane act of questioning the need to live in a dictatorship. Marx’s spawn in the present-day west are no different. Don’t follow their drummer and you’re obviously dangerous or insane., or at least “full of hate” and need to be silenced. The sane people, in their eyes, are the ones who kill off over 100,000 people in the march toward “socialism.”

When a public figure, particularly a president, is not behaving or following the globalist game plan, the suggestion always comes up of the need for a psychological evaluation as prerequisite to high office — a very dumb idea.

You might as well just install a team of psychologists in leadership positions (very bad idea) and be done with the messy act of freely choosing a candidate.

As an aside, I remember reading (the famous behavioral psychologist) B.F. Skinner’s popular book, “Beyond Freedom and Dignity” and concluding that his type wouldn’t be very helpful in producing a free and open society.

The mere fact that a person actively desires to be president sets their psychology apart from “normal” people. Presidents like Lincoln would have surely failed any contemporary critique of mental condition (he was widely known to be severely depressed and at times even suicidal). The fates of history cough up some weird characters to lead us from time to time. Sometimes it is to our detriment and often it virtually saves civilization (Churchill). I heard a great quote recently in this regard (I think it was FOX’s witty Greg Guttfeld); “To people who are boring, interesting people are always seen to be crazy.”

Interesting, dynamic, and unpredictable is often the very mix required to drag stale times into a more hopeful future. Boring, compliant, and ineffective is no way to run a country. It’s not even ideal for casual friendship. If the terrorist acts of 9/11 hadn’t occurred, George Bush would have joined his father and Gerald Ford in the hall of semi-fame boredom. Obama no doubt gets high marks for being “normal” and “stable” but the trade off of an economy in stasis and constitution being whittled away for the establishment of Soviet-lite didn’t really provide the public with much to go on. One could almost accurately generalize that the presidents most admired for their adherence to social norms or shining intellect are the most useless to a country’s citizens (Jimmy Carter was a star in this regard).

Of course Trump is a “narcissist” (‘pretty obvious to all) though I’m not sure how that qualifies as a “high crime” or “misdemeanor” or even a detrimental hallmark of insanity. Obama was a narcisist too and although equally obvious many would refuse to acknowledge that. After all, he was the god-man sent to us to....??? Obama was also raised a Muslim and later a communist — big points scored for those noble positions no doubt.

In Trump’s case, (and, Reagan’s and Bush’s, and even John McCain’s), the Hitler comparisons always come up. Obviously, to the left, anyone who doesn’t want a communist revolution must be “Hitler.” If one was to look for psychological comparisons between Hitler and Trump, they would come up short when appraising attitudes within their respective families. By all accounts, Trump was raised in a loving family with a pretty stable childhood. He speaks very fondly of his deceased parents and his children do the same in their support for him — hardly the life of a crazed dictator.

In the end, regardless of how many more books or phony expose’s are touted by the interbred media as “bombshells,” the issues regarding America’s forty-fifth president will remain the same; some people hate him because he stopped the “progressive” march toward socialism in America, and some will love him for...stopping the “progressive” march toward socialism on America.

You would think by now that the left and other establishment deep-state lovers of centralized government authority would realize that Trump’s armor goes beyond Reagan’s famous “teflon.” As it turns out, people care about actions and results over manner and procedure and no amount of hyperbole, distortion, or fabrication is going to sway them from seeing the obvious. Writings like Woodward’s and the “anonymous” White House turncoat don’t hurt Trump in the slightest.

If you like Woodward’s new book and the many other writings just like it, in all likelihood you would have prefered that Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush was president. Now — who’s the real “crazy idiot?”

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